A Few Good Melons

‘Tis the season to surround yourself with melons. Although available year round, they reach their sweet, nutrient-packed peak of perfection right around now! Melons are also the least-understood of all summer fruits. Did you know that melons are in the same family as cucumbers and squash? They are all members of the gourd family, except most melons are fruits, not vegetables. When the weather is warm, there’s nothing better than a slice of ice-cold melon. Read more about the varieties of melon summer has to offer. Indulge yourself in these sweet, summertime essentials at Oliver’s.

Pureheart Seedless Watermelon – This melon is a deep, crimson red color and has an ultra-sweet flavor.

Cantaloupe – A summer staple; top this classic melon with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a cool dessert.

Tuscan Cantaloupe – This melon has a dense flesh, with a rich Cantaloupe flavor. This melon is usually sweeter than the classic Cantaloupe.

Orange-Flesh Honeydew Melon – This melon has firm, yet juicy flesh with an almost bubblegum-like flavor.

Honeydew Melon – When at its peak, this melon should be reminiscent of a Comice Pear with intense sweetness.

Galia Melon – A cantaloupe-honeydew hybrid with delicious-smelling pale green flesh.

Casaba Melon – This melon tastes more like a cucumber than a melon. With a squeeze of citrus juice, it’s perfect in a gazpacho.

Crenshaw Melon – A cross between a Casaba and a Persian, this melon is exceptionally luscious, juicy, and a little peppery at its peak.

Sharlyn Melon – A highly perishable variety with a subtle flavor. This melon is excellent with tangy ingredients like yogurt or goat cheese.

Canary Melon – This bright yellow, football-shaped melon is sugary and a little tangy. It’s also somewhat tropical tasting!

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