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Oliver's "Real Music" CD

Calling All Sonoma County Musicians

Oliver's Market is pleased to announce we are taking submissions for the fourth in a series of Sonoma County “Real Music” compilation CD’s.  They will be sold in all Oliver's Markets, with the profits benefiting The Redwood Empire Food Bank. (See below for submission rules.)

The Sonoma County “Real Music” concept promotes Sonoma County musicians and bands - through in-store broadcasting, on the Oliver's website, live in-store performances, and on local radio, as well as with the special compilation CDs. Featured artists' will also be able to sell their CD's in Oliver's Markets, on consignment.

"Local music is important to our community and well-being, just like local food" says Tom Scott, Oliver's Markets V.P. and General Manager. "It's a natural extension of the Oliver's family to embrace and celebrate the diversity and creativity of our home-grown musicians."

The program has already grown to include a coalition of supporters, including Doug Jayne of The Last Record Store in Santa Rosa, Blair Hardman of Zone Recording in Cotati, the KRSH 95.9 FM, and musician community advocate Frank Hayhurst.

"While our local music scene and community is vibrant and really diverse, there are too few ways for musicians to bring their music to the attention of the public," says Frank Hayhurst.  "Real Music is a wonderful opportunity for local musicians to get the recognition they deserve.  Music is one of those things that makes life worth living, and this is a very positive development."

The Real Music showcase will include a schedule of live performances at Oliver's Markets, along with CD release parties at The Last Record Store, and a series of workshops for musicians to be held at Zone Recording.


Real Music is now accepting musician and band submissions.  Everyone and every type of music is welcome.  Submissions can be MP3, but the song should be from a currently available CD, and if selected should be available in high quality audio format.

Submit your music and information to


All submission must:

  1. Be from a Sonoma County artist or band. To be considered a Sonoma County artist, at least one band member must reside in Sonoma County (or) your songs were recorded in Sonoma County, (or) you or your band plays regularly in Sonoma County.
  2. Be original compositions or from the public domain
  3. Include a photo and a short bio.
  4. Include a photo (PDF, Jpeg) of the album cover that the song is taken from.
  5. Links to your online band information and contact information.

Determination of which songs will be included on the compilation CD's will be made by a committee of music professionals. If we love another song from your album, we may ask to feature it instead, or in addition to your submission. Songs and artists not selected for the compilation CD, may be included in Oliver's in-store music mix.

Selected artists must sign and return a release agreement, which authorizes the Real Music program the non-exclusive use of the artist's song for promotional and charitable fund-raising purposes.

In addition all artists who submit music will be featured on the Oliver's Market Real Music page on our website, which will include your bio, album art, and links to your web, face book and twitter pages. 

Submit your music and information to


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