Oliver's Local Partners

Oliver's Market is proud to have more than 300 local partners in Sonoma County who enrich our lives through the food they produce, the service they provide, and their community work. And when you support us, we support them. Here's a directory of our partners.


Wine Country Cuisine

Originally founded in 1985, the company supplied chefs vegetables and fruits grown in Sonoma County. Today, Wine Country Cuisine farms eight acres of CCOF certified organic land just south of Santa Rosa, supplying local grocery stores with ingredients for the amateur chef at home.

JM Rosen’s Cheesecakes

Petaluma, CA

5 employees


J.M. Rosen's Cheesecakes is a wholesale bakery providing quality handmade cheesecakes to fine food establishments since 1983.  Handmade cheesecakes with the highest quality, ingredients available is what makes our cheesecakes superior in quality and unforgettable to the taste.

Jimtown Store

Healdsburg, CA


The landmark Jimtown Store near Healdsburg has been serving the Alexander Valley community for over 118 years. Owner Carrie Brown and talented Chef Peter Brown have expanded the Jimtown signature line of fresh condiments with a Spicy Pepper Jam that partners beautifully with goat cheese and with a Romesco Spread that compliments grilled vegetables, fish & meat. Like all our spreads, both are great on sandwiches and for instant hors d’oevres.

La Tortilla Co.

Santa Rosa, CA

182 employees


For three generations, La Tortilla Factory has been dedicated to baking the best tasting wraps and tortillas that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. They believe in community involvement and environmental stability.

McEvoy Olive Oil

Petaluma, CA

42 employees


Inspired by the Tuscan Countryside, our oils are the result of a mindful and passionate dedication to excellence, from orchard to bottle and are certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). Our olives are grown, harvested, milled, blended and bottled entirely on the ranch. Our signature Traditional blend has a rich, robust flavor as a result of blending six Italian varietals: Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino, Maurino, Leccio del Corno and Coratina. Frantoio and Leccino comprise 85% of the blend, giving the oil its green fruit and pungent characteristics, as well as a softer note. The remaining varieties give the oil balance and depth.

Real Soda

4 employees


“This whole empire started in a backpack!”… That’s what an old high school friend of Real Soda’s founder Danny Ginsburg said when he visited the central warehouse recently. And in fact... what is today perhaps unquestionably the most substantial purveyor of glass-bottled soft drinks in the USA had its origins with a bottle cap collection, a dream, and a desire and drive of immense proportions which all synergized to create the magic which is REAL SODA IN REAL BOTTLES.

Sonoma Gourmet

Sonoma, CA

24 employees


The idea of producing restaurant quality sauces and condiments was conceived while two chefs were employed preparing fine foods in the ski resort restaurants around Lake Tahoe. California Wine Country with its well-earned reputation for fine food and drink drew Bill and Roger to Sonoma County and to the founding of Sonoma Gourmet in 1990. Today the company offers 28 branded items and over 200 specialty gourmet products.

Porterstreet BBQ

Cotati, CA


We are a small family owned business in Cotai, CA. We have been serving delicious barbeque in Sonoma County for 15 years. Come visit us today!

Wolf Coffee

Rohnert Park, CA

3 employees


Family owned and operated, Wolf Coffee was established in 1990 to create exotic and gourmet fresh roasted, fine quality coffee. We begin with the highest quality beans, organic and fair-trade Arabica. In his 20 plus years of experience, owner and master roaster Rick Mariani has achieved the art of full city and dark roasting, bringing each blend precisely to its peak of perfection, resulting in a rich, creamy and smooth flavor.

Napa Valley Distributors

Petaluma, CA

Napa Valley Distributors is a small business based in Sonoma and Marin for over fifteen years. We use local varietals apples in our Cherry Tree juices and applesauce. Our Bel Marin olives are packed using well-known local cheeses and vegetables. When you buy our products at Oliver's, you are taking home the best.

Revive Drinks

Windsor, CA

5 employees


Revive Drinks is a Sonoma County-based beverage company. Our first creation is "revive," a kombucha soda we make with all organic and fair trade ingredients. It’s refreshing and delicious to drink.

Sonoma Brinery

Healdsburg, CA


Sonoma Brinery is dedicated to enriching the lives of our customers by bringing them delicious, all natural food products that not only taste good, but bring health benefits as well. Our company is dedicated to: never using artificial food preservatives, colorings and flavorings; use of recyclable materials and recycling of our production waste; use of organic products where possible; use of only the highest quality ingredients; encouraging sustainable agricultural practices.

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Where "Local" Means Sonoma County

To us Local means Sonoma County -- period. Not Marin, not Napa, and definitely not the state of California, as some of our competitors define it.

From the day we opened our doors in 1988, we’ve built our business on the simple premise that the best food and wine in the world are produced here, in Sonoma County. We didn’t feel like we were pioneers at the time, but as people have come to understand and embrace the value of locally grown and made food and the value of shopping locally, we realize we were part of the early days of the movement.

As a Sonoma County business, we’ve built enduring relationships with local growers, makers, and manufacturers, because they make the foods and wines we love. Many of them were getting started when we were. Now they are nationally known, but for us, they are still old friends who often delivered products to our Cotati store in their cars back in the late 1980s.

Along with local products being excellent choices for taste and quality reasons, buying locally also improves our local economy. The dollars you spend at local retailers buying local products support other local businesses and our tax base, too!

Tasting Notes

Matt Rice

Sophisticated Summertime Spritzs

The Spritz is a wine-based cocktail that is extremely popular as an aperitif in Northeast Italy. It is typically made with Prosecco, a bitter liqueur (such as Aperol or Campari), and sparkling mineral water, served over ice.

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Let’s Hear it for Dad!

This Sunday is Father's Day, a day to celebrate and honor dear old Dad. That means it's time to pick out a gift to show him how much you appreciate all that he has done for you throughout your life. Here at Oliver's Market, we have the perfect gift for him, and any other father figure in your life - American Whiskey!

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Sensational Stone Fruits are Here!

This week we're offering Fitzgerald Kelly peaches and nectarines. Fitzgerald Kelly is a sustainable peach and nectarine grower from Kingsburg, which is just south of Fresno. His fruit is lovingly farmed through the growing season, and then hand-picked and hand-packaged at the peak of ripeness, resulting in outstanding quality season after season. 

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