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Introducing Oliver's Fit Friendly Foods

All entrees 400 calories or less per serving. Find more info here.


How Local Are We?

To us Local means Sonoma County-period. Check out our list of local partners.

What's New

Shirley Liu-Pasquin

Your NEW Customer Service Specialist

My name is Shirley Liu-Pasquin and I have been with Oliver’s Market for about seven years.  Born in San Francisco and raised in Petaluma, it was such a joy to discover Oliver’s Market. 

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There’s a Drought on, Turn the Water Off

“Drought”: a word that began ricocheting through our minds as we anxiously surveyed the winter-time clouds, eager to see robust droplets pour down without end.

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Aunt Doris’ Ranger Cookies- Modified Gluten-free

These golden brown cookies are crispy on the outside and cake-like on the inside.

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